Health Insurance

Health Insurance

dreamstime_l_31134959fadeSBI Insurance focuses on health insurance solutions for small businesses, self-employed and individuals without company sponsored health insurance. We specialize in small business and individual plans as well as supplemental plans to help bridge the gap between higher out of pocket maximums as a result of the Affordable Care Act. We offer and service traditional PPO (preferred provider organizations) plans, Health Savings Account High Deductible plans and ACA approved plans. We locate your best options and manage your plans, so you can feel comfortable knowing your healthcare and financials are secure.

We are here to give you the advantages large companies have when obtaining health insurance and other employee benefits. Your life and business characteristics help develop the unique insurance plan developed especially for you.

As legislation changes as it relates to the ACA, we will keep you updated on the impact this has on your current plan and options available to you.

Why SBI Insurance?

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Specializes in group employer plans and individual plans
  • Represents multiple companies and insurance products

We’re proud to represent these companies as well as many others, to provide you the best options.